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So I realize that I am not gonna be able to actually set this page up the exact way I want it to be, so at some point I will have to pay the years subscription fee, which is $18 a year that’s not so bad, but I will have to check thoroughly to make sure that for that fee I will be able to set it up to my exact liking.  If that is not an option that I may have to consider moving it which would really suck, but oh well life goes on. So I have been told by my friends and family that have visited the page that you can not like or leave comments, but that’s somewhat ok,  I can still see thru being the Admin that you guys were here, and much So moving on to the juicy stuff I have been watching lotsssss of youtube videos and picked up a couple of subscriptions, oh and a free so far tutorial (gonna have to pay for that at some point, I know this watch and see), I’m not complaining either, I know it’s not gonna be a free ride, I just don’t have a lot of cash to spread around right now.  I mean really I’m basically a free-lancer, I make money when I can, doing what I can…that could be cleaning a friends house, doing farm chores, selling stuff on e-bay, I do surveys daily, constantly on the computer scouring for the best deals to save money for Abby and I so I’m being realistic…this is gonna take some time guys so bear with 🙂 Ok the juicy stuff, just gonna try a couple of thing and see how it looks because I have the free version, I can not put any links sidebars 😦 I know I could cry right, anyway basically all I can do is write to you guys, let you know what Abby and I have going on, anyway I’m rambling so I am going to try and post some links here below: Business Contact: (serious inquires only please don’t spam me too death, I already get enough of that) Mailing Address: Lisa Torres, PO BOX 196, DOWS, IA 50071 Sponsor us at : we also have paypal and prime for reviews. Links:

Ok so nighty night just wanted to write up a quick post before bed helps me clear my mind for tomorrows mind invasion, LOL. Bye FYI I AM NOT LIKING THESE WHITE LETTERS EITHER THEY LOOK LIKE POOP ON THE PAGE, THEY NEED TO BE BLACK I THINK!!??  WHAT DO YOU THINK?


2 thoughts on “Invite Referrals

  1. I would say NO to the black letters. With the dark background of greens and browns, you won’t be able to see black lettering. Keep it white or a VERY light color, otherwise it won’t be legible.

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    1. Thanks, Kari, hey everyone that is my BESTIE, ❤ xoxo, I had to give her some mooches Bc she lives likes 2 hours away and we don't get to see each other but we keep in touch thru…you guessed it social media, she is also Abby's God Mother ( no we are not bound to a certain following), if something ever happened to me, Kari would be the only person on this earth that I would want Abby to be with, and they love each other very much. Kari has been apart of Our life since just a few months before Abby was born, and we have been thru thick n thin, and as a friend she has always without fail been there for Us. If your reading this wondering well wtf, why not family, Bc we only have a few living family members left and they are older…
      I will keep the letters black I think the white was just bothering my eyes bc it was late and I was very tired. One last thing to finish up this loonnngggg comment, I am definitely a rambler when I am just talking about my personal life and what we are up to and planning and blah blah blah there I go again, I figure this is like a personal biography of our life so I'm gonna give it too you as if you were sitting here and we were chatting over a cup of coffee, basically if you like reading rambles, your gonna like my post, if not your gonna be like the rambler posted another 1 ughhhhhh. LOL


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