Hi everyone, today was very busy so I did not have much time to get a good post done.  Today Abby is officially done with the 10th grade, and has all Summer to herself. We also received her LOOT CRATE, guys all I can say is if you have a teenager, geek, nerd, sci-fi nut (ME), you have got to check this box out.  So over time I will be mentioning this in post but I love…..no wait, LOVE STAR WARS, I’m 44, a Lady, and I could tell you a 1 liner that has something to do with Star Wars that would make you bust out laughing or maybe shock you, so that being said I am really excited about this sub box this 1st 1 was everything I thought it would be and I am looking forward to the future with this service, LOOT CRATE I HAVE ONE DESIRE FROM YOU…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU…with the lead up to the new Star Wars coming out the end of this year could you please do a box or a Special Box (this would be a huge success I just know it) dedicated to Star Wars fans, I think your Company would be the perfect fit to Host an event like this, if you Guys get started right away you will have plenty of time (NOW) before it hits the theaters. Hint, Hint, if you decide to do this I want a free box out of the deal for Abby and I, just to be clear not any box the Star Wars box free, ok…1 last thought you could do Special Box #1 Classic Star Wars ( I’m There) or Special Box #2 The upcoming release.  LC if you read this and don’t get excited reading it there’s something WRONG with you guys, LOL yes I’m joking.  Here’s the link everyone, go get you some fun : http://looted.by/csQe5, just copy and paste into URL, and enjoy, as we sigh Aaaahhhhh. Bye 🙂 signing off this was a totally random transmission

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