Bonnie and Clyde’s Wild Omega 3 Liquid Fish Oil for Dogs Supplement with Natural Vitamin E, 16 Ounce

411QXOu+6mL._SL500_SS115_Jon Caldwell, reached out to me and offered me an invitation to review his product, this was not free I did pay with my own money but the offer was a discount price in exchange for an honest review  and I did pass this along to Kari, to use for Cesar, this little old man is starting to show signs of arthritis in some of his joints and as soon as I received Jon’s invitation I knew it would be great for Cesar, I asked Kari and she agreed to give me a full review to pass on to Jon, but being the great Besty that she is she went ahead and took the lead and gave him her review directly, (sorry Jon, I did not intend for it to go like that, but it worked out great for all of us).  Since I did not review the actual product myself, I at least wanted to share with you my part of the experience, this guy Jon Caldwell, is a small time business owner trying to get his product out to us the Consumers and we should all take a moment to give people like him a try, with Big Box Store and Corporations, it is very difficult to even get into the Consumer Market if you are a Seller, me personally as a blogger I intend to give these smaller businesses my $$ and time because they want to know what we the consumer think of their product, why you might be wondering because these products are their Babies and simply put they care about them which means they put something of their selves into what you are getting!!  Now that, that is clear, let me just say this Guy Jon was very Professional and at the same time very down to earth, which immediately made me feel comfortable doing business with him, he did not pressure me he just let me know that he had developed this product himself and that he was very happy to share it with me in exchange for sharing my experience.  I’m not going to go on and on I think you get the picture, I look forward to doing business with Jon Caldwell and his company in the future and I am very Happy to have found him.  So that was my part of the review, moving along to Kari and Cesar’s participation.

Kari was very excited for me to pass this onto her and Cesar, as a group we are all looking for the best products out there for our loved one’s even the furry one’s, and she was so impressed like I said she reached out and did the review on Amazon herself, I will insert the link here:

So yeah, go check out the review and if you are interested visit their website, here is that link, you will be doing business with some very caring individuals there at :, and right now if you go to there site and sign up you can get 10% off your first order, and take the first step to enhancing your pets life and when they feel good you do too 🙂


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