June, has been a very busy month

Hi Everyone, Wow so Junes has been such a busy month for us, with Abby being done with school, and getting the garden in and ready to grow for the Summer.  And the big whamy was finally being able to start a blog and start reviewing products, this is my new job and here is my title:  Freelance Advertiser/Website Owner, sounds kinda fancy right, LOL,  well the one thing I can say is it is fun, and I am my own Boss again and very proud of that, so far I have made some good money and I can see how I can make enough money to support Abby and I that’s all I really care about is that we have what we need and that we can pay our bills.  and it is fun, that is so most important in being successful.

Since I have been so busy that I have not been able to establish a schedule for when I will being making blog post for all of you to read and explore, just keep in mind I am new and there are some many opportunities for this blog, those of you that have already been here and visited if you stick with me you will get to see the transition that will happen here over time.  I had intended to do weekly post, and I did try, but as soon as I would sit down to get started something would happen and I didn’t get it done and then the moment was gone.  I would like to share with all of you what we did have going on this month so far since we are nearing a new month right around the corner.

I have a ton of reviews for you guys and I am going to be doing those in a seperate post right after this one so if you are interested stick around and read through and see what you like and know that if you are interested in any of this stuff I will be leaving links so you can find these items for yourself.  See you in the next post 🙂


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