LotFancy® Laptop Cooling Pad Cooler with One Fan with Led Light For 13”- 15″ Laptop Notebook tablet

See those blue beams of light
This is my computer set-up


Hooked up and working YAY, this is an underneath shot
Just lifted up the laptop a bit so you can see it under there
I was SO PLEASED to find that the USB has an extension
Plugged in camera while writing review and YES, it works

LotFancy® Laptop Cooling Pad Cooler with One Fan with Led Light For 13”- 15″ Laptop Notebook tablet, just came in the mail today, opened it up and hooked it right up. Very sleek design, has little feet to get laptop up off surface for better air circulation passing underneath and for the fan ventilation…And it is SUPER QUIET, YAY!!! One more time YAY, No really I can not hear it at all 🙂 this is what I am HAPPIEST about obviously. I also am liking the slant that those little feet give it, just the perfect angle for typing up reviews. Gives off a nice little back lite from underneath as well. Don’t make the mistake I did and buy a different one because it has more fans I already did that and I am going to tell you that it was a mistake, it was loud and it did not put out even half the wind this fan does and there was 3 smaller fans on that one, that’s why I am writing this review to tell you before you waste your time and money, you will be satisfied with this one, this one larger fan does a much better job then 3 smaller ones, it even puts out enough air that it gently cools your palms while typing, this thing is great guys. I was invited to purchase this at a discounted price for a full and honest review of the product, and I have to say Thank you to LotFancy for Awesome, Quality made products!! One last thing, I included some photos below so you can see how this may work with your own setup, and the last 2 photos I wanted to include that USB extra, you will still be able to use your USB port while using the fan at the same time because it is the extension type that you can jump off of and use another usb at the same time, and YES IT DOES WORK, ANOTHER YAY!! I hooked up my camera to upload these picks here at the same time and included the photos while finishing up this review, I HIGHLY recommend this for all laptop users, you will be very pleased 🙂


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