Illumiseen, LED Dog Collar – USB Rechargeable – Make Your Dog Visible & Safe!!

Hello Blog reader WORLD, This is a STORY about a DOG COLLAR, that blew me away…YES, I said DOG COLLAR.  I know your sitting there thinking why so excited over a dog collar?  When I find a product that is worth shouting about, I am going to shout it out here and all over my Social Network.  Just a little back story I found this originally in Facebook Group that I belong to, yes these groups are very useful…just in case you didn’t already know.  So I applied and was accepted, and I think they may have liked my written review on Amazon, Because then I was contacted by e-mail and asked if I would like to have the matching Leash also for a full review.  Well after being so impressed with the Collar I was like YES PLEASE!!  I am not going to make this a huge long Blog Post only because I have already written about my experience with them.  I can say that if you have not already heard about this Company #illumiseen #toprateddogcollar, HUMBLY, in my opinion you should give these guys a look see, I think you will like what you find.  Please feel free to share this article, I think every Dog Owner would be very Happy to own and USE this product everyday and check out there other stuff too.  Ok LINK TIME….Click here to purchase illumiseen Dog Collar on  Amazon:

Click here to purchase illumiseen Dog Leash on Amazon:

Also if your interested I will post a link here so you can read my review that I left for these products…Dog Collar review :

Review for Dog Leash :

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