Product Reviews…Hey I have something to tell you all about!!

I am going to start out threading these, unless a subscriber would like to see it done differently…I thought I would just do a monthly thread and name it some THING like this…


This is where I will place descriptive reviews, that you can read about, see pics of, find out product info, and you can share, like and comment, I will personally get back to each and everyone of you, that is my promise. All info you find here is strictly influenced by my experiences reviewing the products and sharing with you all, so you can make wise consumer decisions, so lets get to it.

Incontinence Underwear for Women. Pure Cotton Washable Panties with Super-absorbent Pad. Black Cotton for Total Discretion and Comfort. This Incontinence Product Will Have You Out and About with Confidence- Don’t Let Your Bladder Hold You Back! (XXL)


Screenshot 2015-10-08 16.09.11

I have a lot to say about these Incontinence Underwear for Women. Pure Cotton Washable Panties with Super-absorbent Pad. Black Cotton for Total Discretion and Comfort, by LDLE. First off YES, I have leakage issues, I have had a Baby, and my Bladder is a very Young 44 years old. My Leakage issues are normally sneezing, coughing, and ANXIOUSNESS. Anxiousness is the newest add to my Incontinence Issues and that is what interested me in trying out these new to me Incontinence re-useable, washable, comfortable, discreet, dependable, affordable…just a thought…how much are you spending on throw away Incontinence product?? Another question, Are you not tired of wearing a pad 24/7 just to save yourself from an embarrassing moment?? Me personally I am tired of it, the bunching up the movement of the Pad material chaffs me up something fierce and it is even uncomfortable to sit down form the soreness, has this been happening to you? I have tried many different brands and this happens with every single brand it is the material covering on the pads them selves that do this to me, so I had this simple thought, underwear material never has shaffed me up like this pad material has, so maybe this will help with that issue and it HAS, YAY, my booty is much more comfortable. I have experienced so much more comfort with these, and let me just say I am a FLUFFY girl, (5’7″ 220 lbs) these stay in place, NO WEGGIE MESS, they have a very comfortable SNUG FIT all the way around the leg, inner thigh to inner thigh, front to back coverage fits like a glove, the padding is a spot on fit, with this I am confident there will be no leaking.

I will include a product link here <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<————————>>>>>>>

The link above is where you can find all product description info, including other product reviews to aid in making a purchase decision. Please know that you are getting a Superior Quality Product with this purchase and I am sure you will find a new confidence and comfort using these. This was a promotional discount purchase for a full and honest review of the product, all info I have shared is strictly influenced by my experience using the product, and is my shared experience designed to aid in helping Consumers, Friends, Family and Others in making a trusted, quality product purchase.

I have included 3 pics, for a visual review description below




Here is a pic of the side seam, around eight inches, this helps tons with the mobility of these and it makes them stay in place, you can also see the snug fit. and look at the quality of that seam…very well done, I have to say I am confident after close visual inspection that this seam is not going to have one of those blowouts, you know what I’m talking about if your FLUFFY!! Personally I like my undies to come just below my belly button and these did come above, but i just folded them down and that was more comfortable to me just FYI.


Complete frontal fit…I told you I was FLUFFY…LOL

I will have more Incontinence Underwear reviews from the Brand Wearever and Poise, for you here in a bit so stay tuned.

Peachy Clean® Silicone Dish Scrubber (3 Pack)


Screenshot 2015-10-08 18.32.21

I can not find these in store in my area, but they do have them at Product link and info here <<<<<——>>>>>

I am very pleased to know that I do not have to worry about them not being in stock and on the shelf when I am ready to re-purchase. My main reason for using these is the product design. Designed from Silicone, this scrubber resist mold, mildew, and bacterial growth from occurring, dries much faster then conventional sponges, fits firmly in your hand, does not slip away from your soapy hands. Everyday when I go to use this scrubber I am greeted by a Pleasant aroma of fresh Peaches, not the fake smelling stuff, truly fresh peach scent. i do not know how long the scent will last, I have used this over a 4 day time frame and several times a day and it still smells as fresh as when I opened the box. This is a New to me product I have all used the conventional more common sponges, and I have almost gagged several times when I go to use them from the smell that they accumulate, no matter what, especially in the humidity of summer time. Superior Quality, they do a much more effective job at getting the dishes clean  achievable because of the silicone design in my personal opinion. Promotional discount purchase for a full and honest review of the product, all info shares is strictly influenced by my experience using the product. I have included pics for a better visual description below.




Nice Size


Firm Grip, will not slip away 🙂


CLOSE-UP and Personal, Have a Look See.


No this is not a Selfie Contest, Just a very descriptive visual.


Just hanging around drying out til next time.


Another Hang-out shot.


Where my Buddies Hang-out!! This hang-out spot smells really fresh and pleasant too.

A truly different healthier, enjoyable, reliable cleaning experience. With this I do not DREAD washing the dishes, or picking up the scrubber and GAGGING, no more SURPRISE STINK BOMBS. I do enjoy using this product.


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