Freegrace… #1 Top Premium Toiletry Bag with Hanging Hook -Travel Kit Organizer with Large Storage Space

What I like most about this Make-Up Travel and Storage Bag is the 2 side flap zipper close-able compartments, and here’s why…they un-zipper almost all the way which allows you to open them up kind of like a door.

Screenshot 2015-11-12 15.38.15

If you have this sitting instead of hanging you can reach in there and grab the exact brush you need, and I LOVE this option. If you have coveted brushes they have the perfect home in this bag, why am I so excited about this? Well usually I have my brushes in their separate carrying bag, which is great don’t get me wrong, it is perfect for on the go, but NOW I have a place that is equally great to have them and it is less mess and less clean-up with everything so readily and easily accessible. Upon very close inspection, I could find no FLAWS with the stitching or function of zippers and pockets, seriously this is a Rockin Make -Up Bag.

002If you want function, quality, style, cuteness, and fabulous storage for your pretties…Look no further!!

My 2nd best mention about this bag is that you can put your bigger bottles in here, plenty tall enough for lotion, shampoo, conditioner…tooth paste tube and tooth brush, hair brush, you can get all on your need to use stuff in here and have it neatly with organized.

003On the back side there is another zipper pocket that I keep make-up remover wipes in and it is big enough for 2 different wipe types, I have the bigger wipes for full face removing and the small square ones for just the eyes and they both fit in there perfectly no bulging. In my opinion this is the best make-up bag I own and I HIGHLY recommend this for all the reasons that I have stated here.


They have 5 different colors to choose from, even a darker blue and black for the guys. You can find more product info here :

Promotional discount purchase for a full and honest review of the product, all info I have shared is strictly influenced by my experience using the product.

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