Grandpa Gus’s Mouse Oil 4oz Old Fashion Brown Bottle

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I had the Pleasure of Receiving “Grandpa Gus’s Mouse Oil” recently, and I was very eager to get this product and have the opportunity to give it a test after unfortunately discovering a mouse problem that has risen up during the Winter months. I do not go out there much during the Winter because it is not heated, but we do use it almost everyday during the Summer.

mouseRecently while cleaning and getting some of the Winter stuff stored away I found mouse dropping and there was enough that I definitely would say this is a problem. I do not want to use traps and have a bunch of dead mice to get rid of or deal with.

I am a firm believer in all natural non toxic life style and have read many times that Peppermint oil is and irritant to rodents because this strong smell is to much for their nasal passages and respiratory system to handle and they just leave the area. After reading this, I thought, Ok this is definitely what I have in mind for taking care of this problem.

Here is what I did, I just applied the oil to a few cotton balls ( I take supplements and they always come stuffed with cotton which I save and use for crafting projects and they came in handy for this use too) and placed them around where I saw the droppings, and I few other places like the corners and where they may be getting in from, I LOVE this method over using traps or poison. Traps are NASTY and CRUEL, and Poison is CRUEL and DANGEROUS!! I am not going to take the risk with my Family and Furbabies, I do have a couple in the laundry room where the cats spend a lot of time because their potty box and food is in there, I also placed 1 under the stove in the kitchen and 1 behind the stove just as a safe guard, I do not want them moving out of the garage and into the house.


~Preparation and what I used~


~Very simple, Super easy process~


~Pleasant scent thru out my house~


*In my opinion this could not be a better way of taking care of a rodent problem*







When I found this I was shocked, but I can not help thinking where else have they been the garage is a pretty decent size and I just could not have a bunch and dangerous poison’s, traps and dead mouse bodies all around that area.


~Solution~ Maybe this Grandpa Gus’s Mouse Oil will help evict that spider living back  there too, finger’s crossed, Man I have critter’s!!


~See that crack, possible entry location~


~Behind the stove~


~Under the stove~

All Natural, Non-Toxic, Safe, Humane, Easy to use, No Mess, No Dead Mice, Smells pleasant to Humans, not so much for rodents, really there is nothing to not LOVE about this Grandpa Gus’s Mouse Oil, they were even thoughtful enough of a company to include and brown re-useable oil bottle for future use with your oil collection, always nice to see a Company that cares about the footprint they are making on the environment. And Lastly they care about their relationship with the consumer as they offer in their own words




In a couple of days I will just re-apply Grandpa Gus’s Mouse oil to my already placed cotton balls and add if needed to get these #mice booted out of my Garage.

I definitely recommend this Method of Pest Control as opposed to other this was the best choice for me and my Family. If you are interested in finding out more about Grandpa Gus’s Mouse Oil you can find all of the product detail at this link:

* Disclaimer,  No cost promotional product for sharing a full and honest review of the product, all info shared is strictly influenced by my experience using the product.

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