Following your Instinct’s, and how to recognize this when it is happening to you!!

None of you out there really know me and I do not know you either, what I do know is that there is a huge demand for more discussion on topics ranging from Spirituality to the Supernatural!!
If I had to use just 1 word to describe myself, I would have to use this word, “Profound”. With the Internet and Blogging at my fingertips, I can now create a platform and reach out to and hopefully connect with like minded individuals, so for those of you out there that would like to begin a journey into things not understood, or maybe they are just secret and we are not meant to know the answers I invite you to take a journey down the rabbit hole, lets peek behind the curtain and explore what is beyond our dome of reality.
stairway to the unknown
A small introduction as to what taunts me to write this.
I have had this, hmmmm, idk lets just call it a nagging “thought bomb”. That literally just popped up on my thought radar one night, it has not left me alone since then, some time around 8 months ago. Nothing really unusual in context, only in the manner of daily nagging to write these thoughts, this story. So I begin for reasons not so clear to me, although I have an idea (will discuss this later) being driven by this “thought bomb” to just go with it,  literally I have lost sleep over this over thoughtful mind of mine. All of today’s unanswered question that spill into tomorrow’s reality plaque me in the latest hours of the night. While most of the World sleep’s and rest’s, my only concern is finding answer’s to my question’s. It has been this way for as long as I can remember.
 Am I skilled enough to present this publicly? I don’t know we shall see, I am still learning and I never want to stop learning. PLEASE keep in mind, I am just sharing information that is all, if you are a like minded individual you will find this information interesting, entertaining if nothing else.
Things that will be presented are: Let me introduce “The Thought Bomb Crowd…yes there are many.  Science, Physics, Religion, Spirituality, Supernatural, Esoteric, Occult Research, Parapsychology, Psychology, Demons, Aliens, Angels, Nephilim, Ancient Cultures, DNA Corruption, Enoch, Enki, Enlil, Bible Research, King James the Man, Serpents, Prophecy,Worship, Ritual, Rome, Egypt, Ancient Lands and Cultures, Greek Myths, and last but not least Conspiracy.
I found an interview the other day, that I think was the straw in breaking the Camel’s back so to speak, in finally deciding to publish this draft that has been sitting here on my blog for month’s. The interview is of Robert Stanley talking  about the Enki’s Luciferian Agenda, do not let the title fool you, I found this interview answering so many of my questions that I wanted to share it with anyone who is interested.
Link to the interview:
Another Great interview with Robert, not exactly the same topic but very useful information to say the least–>HERE:
I invite that anyone who find’s this useful, helpful, and interesting will sign up for e-mail subscription because this is not just about reviews anymore!! Well maybe still a LITTLE.
Please leave your comments and questions below, I am Happy to engage.

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