Color Changing Ocean Waves LED Night Light Projector by Lightahead, “My Thought’s”

I got this for my Teen Daughter  (Abby)  she has the i-Phone and can utilize every function this has to offer.

Video demo with complete audio function and light function can be seen here at this LINK:


~Picture demo without the frosted dome No.1~

Teens live particularly stressful lives so I figured she could have it in her room and enjoy the relaxing ambiance that it offers with the gorgeous light show. Abby also enjoys some relaxing music when she needs some down time to relax and chill out…


~Picture demo without the frosted dome No.2…Has a much crisper saturation of color display~

BUT, it also has the complete opposite ability to enhance the mood of any room. Abby recently showed this off to a couple of friends during a sleep over and all her friends want one now too, LOL.


~Picture demo with the frosted dome No.1~



~Picture demo with the frosted dome No.2…With the frosted dome cap on, kind of mellows the color display for a softer effect~
This product is very well built, sits very securely on any flat surface, has an up to date and trendy look and it is extremely cute. It has 9 different color changing settings. Each look fabulous and really capture that feeling of an “aura”, as advertised to do. The light moves very slowly casting a beautiful light show (top on or off) in a dark room.


~Controls and close-up of the base~

The built in speaker is excellent quality, the bass and volume give awesome quality sound with no fuzzy or distorted sounds. Overall it is a great product and my daughter and all her friends that have seen it LOVE IT, even the one’s who have not seen it because they heard from the other’s who did!!


~Just plug it into your favorite playlist, lay back and enjoy the show visually & audibly~

We HIGHLY recommend this as the features work excellent for needed downtime or can be a lot of FUN with get together’s.

If you are interested you can find all product purchasing & other info here at this LINK:

Disclaimer* No cost promotional product for sharing a full and honest review of the product, all info shared is strictly influenced by my experience using the product.

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