Premium Cat Scratcher by GoPets, “My Thought’s”

I have 3 cats and 1 of them has a really bad habit of just scratching anywhere she likes, I will include the awful pics of what she has done to some of the wood trim.


~Doorway Exhibit No. 1~


~Doorway Exhibit No. 2~


Doorway Exhibit No. 3, YES this one is her favorite as you can see, it is way at the back of the house where she doesn’t get interupted when doing her thing, the EVIL little furwitch has a piece hanging off there~


~Here we have the “Guilty Party” now…This is Gigi, she is the one who has done all the doorway damage~

As you can see from my sti=ory I have wanted wanted to give something like this a shot for a very long time now… BUT have not committed to any particular one, mostly because they tend to be bulky and odd shaped and would not work out in our space.

NOW this Cat Scartcher by GoPets is perfect size YAY, and YES they do use it, the good news is the Cat with the scratching problem, Gigi, she likes it the most, she literally cries for us to sprinkle some of the cat nip on it, then she gets all silly with the scratcher.

I have to say it is hilariously entertaining and they Love it, makes me Happy that they are enjoying the Cat Scratcher they are indoor only cats so anything to keep them Happy.


~Let the FUN begin and the damaged to the wood trim STOP!!~


~Yes, Gigi I want you to Scratch here not the wood trim…Capeche!! Ok~


~Checking out the new addition~


~Uh..Oh, Someone’s coming~


~Busted by the Gang, time to share~


~This is Piper, She is Our little Rescue. She’s wondering hmmm what do we have here?~


~The 2 Females like it the most, the other Gray & White cat is our Male, his name is Sassy (long story) but he is Our Handicap Boy, we do not know his back story, but we do know he has no sight in his left eye, maybe no hearing in left ear, and he has no sense of smell, Abby call’s him “Our Poor Old Man”. My best guess is he was in a fire or got some kind of chemical burn, BUT he is the LOVER in our HERD, that there is no doubt in.


~Even the Dog, Suzie, wanted to know what all the fuss was about and came to check it out~

We like this, all of us. It is Super well made although it is made from many sheets of cardboard glued together it is very sturdy. Our 1 cat Gigi went at it pretty hard the first time when we opened it and I checked it out after she was done and it held up well.

You can see a Video HERE:

A TIP, spinkle just a pinch of the cat nip into the cut out holes in the side of the design and place a cat toy in there, and watch the fun, my cats had a ball this way all three of them were interested in this hide and seek game.

I do recommend this Cat Scratcher by GoPets even for multiple cat homes. Excellent Design and Style, Cats Love it, Sturdy Made, Non-Toxic, Serves as a Play Station, just be imaginative and have fun with our cats.


Disclaimer*Promotional discount purchase for my full and honest thoughts of the product, uses, value etc… all info shared is strictly influenced by my much enjoyed experience using this product.


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