Strawberry Girl Costume Wig Offered by Yagoozon, “My Thought’s”

We are a Theatre Family and we very much enjoy Cos-Play or basically anything that has to do with dress up, it is very common if you hang out at our house that you will be invited to a dress up session!!

Of Course We had to see how it would look under light effects!

This is not a professional wig, BUT will certainly work for any costume adult or child, all thou it is marketed for a child it fit me just fine (45yr old Women) and my 17 yr old Teen Daughter just fine as well.

Who’s That?? LOL…I tried to get her to pose with the GUN but she wouldn’t go for it.

My Daughter wanted to test out the quality and ability to change up the style and the ease of cleaning the wig and to our surprise this Wig did very well. She rolled it up in curlers and did the hot water dunk, hung it in the shower to dry and when she took the rollers out in had springy curls and hardly any of the artificial hair came out which was really nice!!

She got creative, check out those eyebrow, they match the Wig!

We definitely recommend this Child’s Costume Wig by Kangaroo Manufacturing.

If you are interested in purchasing this Costume Wig by Kangaroo Manufacturing, or just learning more about the product, you can find all the info at this LINK:

Disclaimer*Promotional discount purchase for a full and honest review of the product, all info shared is strictly influenced by my much enjoyed experience with this product.

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