Soil pH and Moisture Sensor Meter Tester by XLUX, “My Thought’s”

I use this with all my potted plants that are outside for the Summer, in the garden while I am tending to the plants. Scientifically calibrated which means no batteries required (YAY) which is very nice, and amazingly it works immediately.

~This was bright and early this morning, as soon as the sun was coming up in the East~ #goodmorninglovelies

You just set it to the moisture setting (RED= NO GOOD), (GREEN= GOOD) or click the button over to pH meter, my perfect reading is between 5 &  7, but others may vary depending on location and plants, instantly you will know if your plants need attention.

~Very clear and easy to read~

I like this feature very much because kind of like a fish out of water, they need the help ASAP …or things could go south and the plant could get very sick or die even.  Let me just say VERY HANDY.
I will continue to use this even in the Winter time when I have to bring all the plants inside. This will be a crucial time for the plants since they will be in a controlled environment and out of there natural environment, this is when serious issues could arise, with this pH & moisture meter I am confident that I will have good plant health.

~pH level indicator switch~

Each probe is 12″ long to get down to the root level this is where all the action is taking place, nice addition to have the longer probes. This Tester is very well made of heavy duty plastic, nice sturdy probes, the upper half of the meter is weighty indicating well made materials inside there. Super simple to use, quick, easy, accurate, very important to plant health. Simply put over watering or under watering, will put plant health at risk, also not having the correct chemical components in the soil will cause plants to struggle like they are sick which leads to under production of producer plants.

~Moisture indicator~

I will always tell you about the BEST products that I have tested and LOVE. This #soilmeter by XLUX takes the guess work out of caring for your plants and is basically your right hand garden buddy and I surely do recommend this to Gardening Newbs & Seasoned Gardeners too, less stress more fun & production!

Very short video can be seen here at this LINK:

If you are interested in purchasing this #soilmeter or learn more info about the product, you can do all of that here at this LINK:

Disclaimer*Promotional discount purchase for a full and honest review of the product, all info shared is strictly influenced by my much enjoyed experience using this product.

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