Leopard Outdoor Combo Cooler Bag with Hard Liner 3pcs Family Pack by Leopard Outdoor Products, “My Thoughts”

I have been on the LOOKOUT for a Great Set of Cooler Bags for quite some time now and I have held off for one reason or another…BUT this Set By Leopard Outdoor Products has everything I was looking for and then some.

~Truly everything I can think of to take along, this Set has My Family covered~

The Storage Nesting, the removable Hard Shells, plenty of Space for a Variety of foods and liquids, outside zippers storage for napkins, wipes, condiments,sharp knives, medicines, bandages etc…Check out all the pockets in these pics below!!

~Pocket #1, This one has a velcro closure right on the front of the Bags~ All 3 Bags are Identical except in SIZE~
~Pocket #2, this one has a zipper closure and is right above the velcro pocket almost same size and dimension, although different on each bag because of sizing~
~Pocket #3, also velcro closure located on the right side of the bag~
Pocket #3 full closed view~
Pocket #4 located on the left side of the bag, this one is a netting with elastic~
~Pocket #4 Full view~

You can use them with Ice or cold packs, no worries about the melt off from the ice just remove the hard shell liner, dump the water, wipe out with a clean rag, it just couldn’t be any easier, this Set of 3 enhanced Our outdoor activities by offering simplicity & reliability pretty much everything we needed them for was covered and even somethings we didn’t think of came to mind like the bandages for example, and Medicines, aspirin for a headache.

~Each bag is lined with this insulated material~

I thought it was really great that as a set, you have the ability to chose which one or two or three to use for whatever your needs maybe for your outdoor adventures.

~The Liner Shell~ Each bag has its own sized accordingly~

Liner Shell material is made from a “ripstop polyester” with antimicrobial properties forged into the liner material, Liner Shell is also odor, mold & mildew resistant and FDA approved.

Each bag has very comfortable adjustable shoulder straps with shoulder pads for carrying comfort & support.

~Straps are very supportive & comfortable to carry along~
~Carrying Straps that are a decent enough length, Durable & Heavy Duty~
~ #1 Carrying Strap Up Close and Personal~
~#2 Carrying Strap Up Close and Personal, NON-SLip guard on the bottom side~
~They didn’t forget to make them adjustable~

Each bag has handles on tops & sides of the insulated cooler bag for easy carrying, loading & unloading.

~Right side handle~
~Left side handle~

Large bag measurements are 14.5″in length x 9.875″ in width  x 11″ tall or an impressive 30 cans.

Medium bag measurements are 11.25″in length x 8.5″in width x 10.625″ tall or an impressive 16 cans.

Small bag measurements are 9.85″ in length  x 7″in width x 8.25″ tall holds 9 cans still impressive, they use the cans as a description to give you an idea of how much space you have for foods & liquids.

My Family & I, some of our Friends too are very Impressed and Happy with the functions and ease of use we have experienced using these Outdoor Cooler Bags By Leopard Outdoor Products on outdoor activities. I 100% HIGHLY recommend this set.


Video Demo of bags can be seen here at this LINK:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLMnkrEzkl0

If you are interested in purchasing this set of cooler bags, or just would like to learn more info on the product, you can do that all here at this LINK:http://amzn.to/1Uvuozj

Disclaimer*No cost promotional product for my full and honest thoughts of the product, uses, value etc… all info shared is strictly influenced by my much enjoyed experience using this product.

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