Silicone Dab Containers by Cortis, “My Thoughts”

My Friends went nuts over these I got to keep just a few for myself and the rest I gifted all out. It is ok though because I enjoy very much being able to pay it forward.

~Very Popular, Family & Friends wiped me out, I only kept 4 and gifted the rest~

So these are sold for a certain use but that does not mean you are limited to that, I use these for tons of things and they are really great for every thing I will list for you, tried and true these are the cutest & best little storage containers. Check out the list of things they can be used for here below:

  • Homemade lip balm
  • Homemade lip scrub
  • Pill case
  • Piercing case
  • Homemade makeup samples
  • Nail art stuff
  • Acrylic Powder
  • Glitters
~Allergy Meds are easy to carry along & now I do not forget~

And there are so many other uses, these are just a few, I am always finding new uses for them, and they do clean up very well with some warm soapy dish water & a good rinse. Very easy to carry along in bag or pocket. Awesome Tye-Dye colors & design.

~Jewelry, the uses are limitless~

And those COLORS are so pretty & rich, everyone just raved about the tye-dye design!!

~Rich Tye-Dye Colors in everyone of them~

They do have a screw down lid & it just pops off with a slight squeeze.

~Screw down lids for securing your items well~

I already want more of these, they are excellent for storing and securing smaller items!!

dabs 2
~SO many gorgeous colors & uses for these, not just what they are marketed for~

I HIGHLY recommend these Silicone Containers by Cortis for all your tiny storage needs.

If you are interested in purchasing this product or would just like to learn more info, you can do it all here at this LINK:

Disclaimer*No cost promotional product for my full and honest thoughts of the product, uses, value etc… all info shared is strictly influenced by my much enjoyed experience using this product.

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