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Hello there Everyone, as I work more & more on writing and sharing content on the web with readers, I am constantly Brain Storming on how to work in content that is interesting to me so that I can give you my wholehearted story on the matter. I do know if it is that I am a Super Curious individual or what it is, BUT I truly find the Unexplained, Covered-up, Controversial, Definitely not Main Stream occurences of Our Life, World & Reality. Now before you go and discount this as Cookery, the Bible in itself is full of Fairy Taleish Testimonies and I would just like to remind everyone of this. NO Disrespect intend and as a matter of fact I very much enjoy discussing & hearing from anyone who is of the Faith, no matter what their following & beliefs are.

Before I get way off track, as I strive to think of ways to present you all with great content, I also feel like I need to be more open on my personal bits & pieces, and I am still figuring this out as it is a developmental process in so many ways, (we will get there thou).

The title above is what I have come up with to present this journey and all of my findings, I promise to keep this interesting and always have the evidence or stories of what is being presented to the best of my ability, no silly shit just chunky make you scratch your head type articles and videos on the matter for you, and if any of you out there what to engage in discussions in the comment I am very open to that and definitely would encourage it, there is nothing better then learning from each other, I am an incredibly open minded person and this is a huge part of me that really I do not get to share enough but I enjoy so much and am so ready to, I feel like its time.

There is a huge laundry list of people that I follow because of what they are doing & the fields that they specialize in, as I present content to you I will introduce them to you as well in case you are interested in looking into any of them for yourselves, I also HIGHLY encourage you to do this and not to take my word for anything presented but I will always try to LINK you the best I can.

This content will be about recently released finding BUT not new at all as I discovered and he is certainly not the 1st nor will he be the last, L.A.Marzulli, his most credited work is the “Watchers Series DVDs and he and there is a ton of info available on the man and his other works and finding. I became aware of L.A. on youtube and was very intrigued to find out more on his Watchers works, and have been since then. I think he is up to Watchers 10 now, which speaks for itself they he is not presenting JUNK evidence, there truly is a demand for this “UNVEILING” on Who are we, Who created US (truth only), What is Our purpose and Are we doing the right things or not? These are just a few questions that I want answers to and I know some of you do to, so why not explore, these articles are not going to be for the closed minded, opinionated, Cognitive Dissonance types.

Saying that let me explain a little bit on where I am coming from and just give you a brief conclusion on what is going on in my opinion. To me this is more about believing in your intuition and trusting that you as a conscious human already posses certain capabilities that you have been programmed to ignore, no offense but this I can even recognised for myself in me so some of you must acknowledge this, here I will explain with this example, most all of us have experienced something odd that we could not explain, and most immediately will just automatically ignore and  even make up or create a scenario to deal with the experience this is proven fact, and I do believe this because I have experienced it myself but most do not or can not even recognize when this happens, but Hey I just told you about it and you can certainly look into these findings on Psychology of Humans. Moving forward I have to ask everyone, What if some of Our reality as we know it is somehow inverted, meaning like we are told one thing but in fact if you look into it things are really the opposite or at least way different then what is being present or believed by the masses. What if things are presented to us in a fairy tale manner but indeed they really exist, and I am totally coming at this with a rational mind I promise you, the World is so diverse with different cultures, beliefs and practices and so much has happened that may even be accountable for most of what is going on, trust me you guys there is so much to cover that I really hope I can do a good job of sharing it with you all. This recent evidence being presented by L.A. has is truly stunning to me and to my surprise he is not the 1st there is a ton of evidence and eye witness evidence to really make me take a look further into this, I am that intrigued. I will leave you a link to check out too so no worries I will wrap this ranting up for you soon and let you check into things for yourself. Recently L.A. and his crew have put together evidence to present that they have been working on for over 2 years now regarding a Fairy type creature is how it presents, but who knows what the heck it is, you will have to see for yourselves and Please let me know what you think. I am only looking for open minded discussion no oh its a fake crap and you didn’t even really look deep into it!!

~DNA tested not a FAKE just very intriguing~

Here is the Video that I just found, LINK:

Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.45.11
~Screenshot for your reference~

And another interview with L.A.Marzulli newest works on Watchers 10, I have not seen this yet either unfortunately but I will maybe once it is released by someone on Youtube, fingerscrossed this is how I have seen all of hie stuff only because I can not afford the DVDS, trust me if I could I would have them all & many more.

Interview LINK:

Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.44.18
~Screenshot for your reference~

This link will have follow up shows and interviews so I am subscribing just to keep up on the info being released as it develops.

I have a favor to ask of Everyone, if any of you have seen this I will LINK it below PLEASE, PLEASE get in touch with me I am dying for someones review of this and waiting for a price drop, I just can not afford it, like so say in comments it is a Shame that we have to pay for the truth, but these investigators need to fund their findings.

Link to what I mentioned above LINK:

Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.57.32
~Screenshot for your reference~

and this one, Surprise there are 2

Link to what I mentioned above LINK:

Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.58.38
~Screenshot for your reference~


For now I am so bummed that I have not been able to see anything but clips and after waiting over a year he slapped a hefty price tag on the set $60.00, SUCKS for me booooo. Sorry I really wanna see them.

Trey Smith website LINK:

Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.59.35
~Screenshot for your reference~


Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.42.35
~I wanna see all 3 of these so badly~
Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.42.26
~and I really wanna see this one too~
Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.42.22
~A Documentary about the World you can’t see~
Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.42.17
~The Beginning~
Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.42.11
~Roswell Mystery Solved~
Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.42.04
~2nd Disc in the 3 Disc Set The Unveiling~
Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.41.35
~The 3 Disc Set~

I am not affiliated, just saving you the search time and effort, I keep checking back to the comments section of those Videos for someone that has done a full video review of this DVD collection Set just released by him June 2016 after several years research.

So check it out Everyone and let me know what you think, I would LOVE to connect & discuss things further with anyone who is interested.

I have also had a type of experience if you will, which I will certainly be sharing with you all at some point but for now that is another work in process. Let me throw this in here, I tend to present things written anyway, in a form as if you are sitting here with me & we are having this conversation, it is more Raw & Real I think when presented in this manner.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a few moments with Us at “Poogles Place”. All Questions, Comments, Subscriber’s, Reader’s & Liked Minded Individuals are Always Welcome & Very Much Appreciated. Response can be expected within 24 hours.


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