Silicone Mini Size Jellyfish Tank Aquarium Decoration by Ismystore

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Super cool Aquarium tank accessory and it does illuminate when the light hits it just the right way, which is really cool!!
If you have a color changing light system with your tank this will work better, the lights will change the color display that you get from the accessory.
Really easy to install, you just attach the silicone string that is included to a silicone piece on the inside bottom of the accessory and then suction it to the bottom or wherever you like in you tank preferably near your tank lighting you will need lights in you tank to get the desired effect which is very beautiful,relaxing & pleasant to watch.

~Not much light affect YET~

I did not use the attachment piece with mine I just let it float around in the tank catching the different light angels and I like it.

~Getting close to seeing those Gorgeous illuminances~
~Having a color changing light in your tank will only add to the experienced effect you can get from this tank accessory~
~As you can see the different effect in these last 2 photos!

I only have 1 fish at the moment and I think the poor little guy likes it too he is coming up and checking it out more being social which is kind of nice I think he was feeling lonely, he wasn’t out much before.

~I choose to just let mine float around instead of stabilizing it with the string & suction method because as you can see in the photos, as this loves around in your tank you get different affects from the lights when it floats by them~

I do recommend this Mini #Jellyfish tank accessory for any fish tank owner, this is very enjoyable.

Video demo can be seen here t this LINK:

If you are interested in purchasing this product or would just like to learn more info, you can do it all here at this LINK:

Disclaimer* Promotional discount purchase for a full and honest review of the product, all info shared is strictly influenced by my much enjoyed experience using this product.

Special Note I did try and film this several different times for you guys but I just kept getting the same results and because I had to do it with the lights off the video is dark but there are a few good shots of the jelly fish passing by, and I kept the video short mostly so you are looking at a dark tank with no action going on LOL, if you watch you will see him float by a couple of times.

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