Indoor Pet Bed & Luxury Pet House by StarShine Products

“My Thoughts”

I have 3 Cats and I am kind of a clean Freak, I do not like them on the furniture because they leave hair everywhere. I just hate to have to sit down on a spot on the couch that is covered in hair, YUCK!! Plus I have allergies, my Daughter does to, and I figure if I could get them to stay off of Our furniture by providing them with their own furniture, maybe we will have a Happy meeting ground, I do not mind if they come and visit while we are relaxing on the couch but I do not want to see them up there lounging and bathing themselves!! NO!!

~Gigi is checking it out~
~Gigi seems a little skeptical~

We do take allergy meds for our allergies so this is not a big deal but 3 cats can leave behind a lot of hair, dander & other things that can provoke allergies especially during shedding season. I also was thinking that it would be MUCH CLEANER if I could get them their own designated areas, if they like them then they will be in those areas more then OUR areas.

~Piper on the other hand just went for it, while Gigi went back to the chair~

Now let’s talk a bit about this pet accessory, this is a bed/house, you collapse this down and just have it as an open bed or you can zipper it up for a more homey type bedding for them. I like that it can be used opened or enclosed for the different seasons, right now it is a little to hot for them to go inside and be comfortable so I do have it out as just the bed for now and when it starts to get cold I will zipper it up into a more house type style for Gigi  (she is the video star of this review) to be cozy in.

~Piper checking things out~

If you travel with your animals this will fit comfortably inside of a pet carrier, you will just have to check the measurements to make sure your carrier and this are compatible in sizing, no biggy!! Everything is machine washable LOVE THIS!! Clean Freak.

~Still checking it out~

I have inspected this thoroughly for any defects and I have found NONE the construction on this is fabulous, the 2 zippers and the zipper track are metal and not plastic, I LOVE the brick pattern reminds me of Mario Bros nintendo game. The Seller even includes a nice toy surprise for your Pet this was a nice surprise because I did not expect it and the Dog got herself a New chew Toy out of the deal. The construction is pristine!!

~Looks like Piper likes it~
~Piper is getting COZY, we have a WINNER~
~I am SO HAPPY that my Cats like this~
~Time to cozy up & cuddle down~

At this point I would like to insert something from the Description that is very helpful and some of you might want to know this I figure, so here it is below

They Say “100% REFUND GUARANTEE – We at StarShine products pride ourselves on quality products. If for any reason the pet haven is defective, you will receive a replacement within 3 months of your purchase, no questions asked. For a limited time – Buy 2 pet houses for 15% off or buy 3 for 20% off. Keep one in the car and another in your office or cabin. They make good presents too.

I certainly recommend this product 100% and I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

~Very rare pic of Piper sticking out her tongue, I had to share this with you all, HOW CUTE~

Gigi & I have made a Video demo for you that can be seen here at this LINK:

If you are interested in purchasing this product or would just like to learn more info, you can do it all here at this LINK:

Disclaimer* Promotional discount purchase for a full and honest review of the product, all info shared is strictly influenced by my much enjoyed experience using this product.

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