Essential Oil Diffuser by Guluman

“My Thoughts”

This is a really great diffuser/mini humidifier with a slightly different function than other diffusers that I own. This has IST (Infrared Sensitive Technology) that detects human body heat, when you are about 9 feet away from the diffuser for 3 minutes it will automatically shut off, some may not like this feature but I find that it is pretty awesome, this will save your essential oils from being wasted, no wasting water and no wasting electricity!!

~The Design & Functions~

However if you use this at night while you are sleeping it will shut down once the water level drops to the sensor that monitors the water level. This has 3 different light settings Red, Blue & Purple the light is very dim and can mostly only been seen while using the diffuser at night or in a low light room. Also this is touch sensitive no buttons to push you just swipe your finger across/ or over the designated sensor and it powers on to the red light setting, swipe again for blue and again for purple.

~Ahhhhhh, now I can RELAX~

This is not the type diffusers that you are going to put into a room and let run solo, it will not and does not work this way, it only works when it detects human body heat, it is meant to be used while you are in close contact with it. I really like this feature because if I leave the area it will shut off, when I return just a swipe and I am back to diffusing, Please keep this in mind it does function differently than most diffuser.

I really LOVE the Dark faux wood look of this, it definitely adds to touch of class to the diffusing experience and the simple functionality is very appealing!!

~Gorgeous Faux Dark Wood, they have the light faux wood color as well~

I do highly recommend this diffuser.

If you are interested in purchasing this product or would just like to learn more info, you can do it all here at this LINK:

I have a Video Demo of the Diffuser for you here at this LINK:

Disclaimer* Promotional discount purchase for a full and honest review of the product, all info shared is strictly influenced by my much enjoyed experience using this product

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