Folding Step Stool by Home-it

“My Thoughts”

I needed something that could collapse fold away and still be able to use it to get to my top cabinets in the kitchen and this is perfect.

It folds up and I can slide it right between the frig and wall when I am not using it, and when I need it, it is right there at arms reach!!

It folds up and unfolds in a jiffy, they recommend for use up to 300lbs. I am about 220 and it has held me fine when putting away or accessing anything in the upper cabinets that I can not reach.

I was using a pair of tongs to grab things when I needed them before and a step ladder for putting stuff away up there which was a pain with the ladder and dangerous with the tongs!!

This Folding #StepStool By Home-it came already assembled, all I have to do to use it is unfold it and it pops into place, there are groves on each side that it secures into for when in use. When done just lift it up by the handle and folds away in one very simple step. It also has a handle for easy access to putting away or getting it out to use, also has some little white nubbies that are cushiony on the bottom of the feet and they help you from slipping while standing on the stool. The handle is a pretty clever design in itself because it folds down into the stool part where you would step on the stool, basically it is recessed.

Very sturdy, this is made of a heavy duty type of plastic, when folded up it is just over an inch in thickness.

Works really great for when the little ones are visiting because I do not have to lift them anymore to the sink for hand washing, they just get on there and do it all by them selves.

I do recommend this folding #StepStool for the sturdy material it is made with and the storage capability of it being foldable and compact.

Video demo can be seen here at this LINK:

If you are interested in purchasing this product or would just like to learn more info, you can do it all here at this LINK:

As of today they are on sale 50% off (8/18/16).

Screenshot 2016-08-18 16.53.27
~As of today they are on sale 50% off (8/18/16)~

Disclaimer*No cost promotional product for my full and honest thoughts of the product, uses, value etc… all info shared is strictly influenced by my much enjoyed experience using this product.

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