The History Major by Author Michael Phillip Cash

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I am a Fan of both long and short reads, but I do like a twisting, turning, keep me wanting to turn the pages Story and this was a very much enjoyed Story with a message for some, Maybe.

I was intrigued and hooked with the very first pages and beginning chapter, which kept me wanting more and more and turning the pages, I can say I was not bored with this Read at all. This Read had me thinking what, Mandela Affect, Alternate Dimension, Doppelganger, just what happened to Amanda that night she fought with her boyfriend and decided to make it go away with a little drinking and partying?

~I was very pleased to receive a Bonus Book & the cute note pads. Also the insert with all the Authors other works that I am very curious to read as well~

Amanda is a very interesting character that I felt very intrigued with and very much enjoyed the experience of her character lived out in the Story. There is a message that starts to become clearer and clearer as Amanda’s Journey continues throughout the Book. I can’t stand spoilers that will tell you what the entire story is, but I can tell you that the story of The History Major is definitely thought-provoking and will have you thinking about some things that you may have never thought of before, I enjoy the mind opening experience very much and this was no let down. For a short read The History Major is very well presented and put together with a very satisfying ending.

This was the first book by this Author that I have read and I am now a Fan, I am looking forward to reading his previous works and any works he has planned for the future. I definitely recommend this Author and The History Major.

If you are interested in purchasing this product or would just like to learn more info, you can do it all here at this LINK:

Available as a Paperback, and on Kindle.

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