11 Piece Ultralight Camping Cookware Set by Stolevar

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As a family we have become more interested in doing things as a Unit together and one of those things is camping, NOW most of the trips we take, wherever we are staying at over night usually has so type of grilling out station, BUT you can only do certain types of cooking this way and we figures out that in order to do breakfast, like say fry some eggs and these types of meals that we were going to have to invest in some camping supplies, Stolevar to the RESCUE!!

~My Daughter & I use this when we get together with Our Camping Pack, absolutely LOVE how compact it is, takes up hardly any space in my backpack & the functions are Awesome~

This 11 piece set comes in Handy and can get the job done efficiently, this is super compact to carry along in any pack even one of the kiddos can carry this it is very lightweight and does not take up a lot of space in a backpack. This set comes in its own little travel bag and it all fits in there very nice and snug, so it is not banging and clanging about as you hike.

Here is all that is included pictured below

~Every piece rest inside of the frying pan, this Set is completely portable~
~Just to give a good description of the size of this Set~
~Taking the lid off this is what is hiding inside~
~Top view of folding utensils~
~Stainless Steel folding utensils bottom view~
~Folding ladle or serving spoon, perfectly sized for use with the included sauce or liquid cooking pan~
~Spatula perfectly sized for use with the included frying pan~
~Also has to serving dishes to eat meals from~
~Everything you need to eat for 2 people, Very easy & simple to use~

The set comes with 2 cooking pans and 1 lid that can be used with both cooking pans, 1 is more for boiling and liquids and the other is more for frying (eggs, pancakes, even a steak or fish) they are not huge as they are made with travel friendliness in mind BUT they work very well and are very easy to use, all the compactness that this set offers is very user-friendly.


Comes with a pair of fold up eating utensils that are made of Stainless Steel, the pans set is made of anodized aluminum, all safe materials for regular use and all BPA & LEAD FREE!! Also included is a fold up Ladle for liquids, and a mini bamboo spatula (TIP take along a pair of grilling gloves to keep fingertips from getting crisped) because these are micro sized compared to home utensils they are much shorter than what you typically use at home on a daily basis ans you will need to be prepared for this difference, so you will not get a burn.

Even comes with a cleaning sponge and because this is all non stick no need for hot water to clean up!! LOVE IT.

It is important to mention that this set is designed to be used with a camping stove BUT it can also be used over an open flame for cooking you will just have to be vigilant of the handles and such that they are not getting damaged by the flames so adjustments and a close eye might be necessary for this type of cooking.

When you purchase this set you get an e-book along with it full of suggestions and TIPS on camping, hiking and outdoor cooking, even recipes YAY!!

~This is an Incredible little Camping Cookware Set~

I am very impressed and Happy with the compactness, function, storage & organization, weight, pretty much everything. This is a High Quality Camp Cooking Set and I definitely recommend it for such. This set can cook for 2 very simply BUT for more will take extra time, affordable coming in at under $20 I would recommend picking up a few of these depending on the size of your camp pack, this way you can breakup into groups of 2 and have 1 person in charge of the meals for that group, this is how we do it and it works out great everyone can eat together and no ones is left waiting while others are eating

High Quality Camp Cooking Set, If you are interested in purchasing this product or would just like to learn more info, you can do it all here at this LINK: http://amzn.to/2dLgFYx

Disclaimer*Product Test Review for sharing all the Product Specifications with you such as its uses, value etc… all info shared is strictly influenced by my much enjoyed experience using this product.

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