Since the Dust has “Settled” Where are Us Review addicts going to go for review items now?

Hey Their Everyone, I recently was asked by a Facebook Friend id I could share their review site with you all, so being the Social Media Share junkie Addict that I am I decide heck yeah why not, who knows maybe some of you don’t know about them. for those of you who DO NOT know this post is for you all, anyone feel free to share this post & the info contained because I don’t know about you all BUT this chic is not going to let Amazon stop me from what I enjoy doing and this has basically become my life, for many reasons that only a few of you really know the truth why, for those of you who do not know, I am going to spare you because you most likely would not enjoy the read…meaning in my opinion it would probably just depress you and I am a Very Strong Believer & Advocate of not reflecting any negativity out thee upon anyone.

So with that being said I will be giving you the link to the site towards the bottom of this article BUT first I am going to share some of the site info with you so you will be informed and make the best decisions available through the info contained.


First off it works pretty much like ART but some things you will get approved for immediately. You just apply and wait to be approved like most things you opt in for pretty much the same setup.

Next they have free stuff and discounted stuff, BUT let me say this and I am in no way being compensated this is just my opinion as a reviewer to their site ok, I have received some really incredible stuff from them all top quality and the free stuff was great BUT the stuff I payed a discounted price for was seriously life changing as far as quality, usefulness to me, versatility, seller & code issues direct contact with Seller & they do respond to messages I have contacted many and got a response with any issues fixed in a matter of 24 hours excluding weekends. Always got a e-mail response back which really impressed me because I have had issues and no response ever recieved, I hated this I have a review sitting on tomoson going over 2 months now and the Seller never responded til this date that review is still over due and effects my rating in that community which SUCK!! because I work my butt off to get the rating that I have.

Here is the LINK that you have all been waiting for and I hope that some of you can find some GREAT STUFF to help you change some of your needs & issues around your Home & Lifestyles, I hope you enjoy them I know that I CERTAINLY do and am very Happy with this Site & Products Listed there.

Site LINK:

If you all find this of use and would like more info on where to go now that things have changes I have Few others I can certainly shre with you just let me know in the comments and I will get that info right out to you all.

Disclaimer* NONE just sharing some great info with you all in the Reviewer Communtiy who are determined to not let Amazon stop this great Journey.

While you are here feel free to sign-up for more great Tips & info. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a few moments with Us at “Poogles Place”. All Questions, Comments, Subscriber’s, Reader’s & Liked Minded Individuals are Always Welcome & Very Much Appreciated. Response can be expected within 24 hours.


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