The Perfect SLUMPY”seat!!

Original Panda Sleep Bean Bag in Candy Pink with White Polka Dots by Panda Sleep & DailyValueDeal storefront on Amazon

“My Thoughts”

This is a bit different then the typical bean bag as it is filled with small chunks of memory foam padding and I really like this better then the bean filling mostly found in bean bags. When you sit down in the bean filled type eventually your booty ends up on the hard ground, not with this one thou the filling kind of sticks to itself with your movement, you wound need to sit and just wiggle in one spot before the filling wound separate.

~The packaging comes super compressed BUT after a little bit of fluffing this is an amazing side seat for all~

Made with Hypercomfy triple layered material that is sturdy yet very comfy and is easily spot cleanable. Whenever we need extra comfortable chill spot for movie time someone always chooses this over the couch because it is perfect for just slumpin!! Our cats can be found taking afternoon naps in this often and our Dog got the old bean filled bean bag for lounging & relaxing in to and it keeps her off the couch.

~NO MORE booty on the Floor~

After much use by family, friends & furbabies the memory foam filling just needs a little fluffing and it is always just as comfortably as the first time I sat in it. Perfect for extra seating, also would be excellent is a child’s room or a teen.

The candy pink and white polka dots is a excellent match for my girly teens decor, her & her friends adoringly call this the slumpy seat.

Video Review can be seen here at this LINK:

If you are interested in purchasing this product or would just like to learn more info, you can do it all here at these

LINKS: Candy Pink & White Polka-Dots

Lavendar w/WHite Polka-Dots~


Sand Dune~

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