Very convenient & reliable covering various charging needs!!

JingXiGuoJi Triple USB Ports Universal Fast Car Cup Charger with 2 Sockets Cigarette Lighter Splitter Multifunction Car Charger Adapter for Android Smartphone Samsung iPhone GPS (Wireless Phone Accessory) by JingXiGuoJi

“My Thoughts”

This is an excellent multi charging unit for the car while out and about on the go!! We never have worry about charging anything when we are out and anyone who is with us does not have to worry either, this has 5 seperate charging options and it gives a readout of how much voltage is being used, for example most cars give out about 14 volts (ours was reading 14.2 when we plugged it into the cigarette lighter without anything being charged, after plugging in a i-Phone it was reading about 8.2.

~Just take a look at all the options~

We did plug in 3 phones into the 3 USB outlets provided and every phone charged just fine with no problems we have been using this a little over a month now and have had no problems with it at all.

~ONOFF switches for the different ports~

What I really like about this is it is just about the size of a coffee cup and sits very securely in any cup holder that is how it is designed, it sits without tipping or moving around while driving. I also like the 5 charging option all people have different charging needs and this will accommodate all things that you need to charge on the go. Definitely recommendable we use this everyday and have never had a charging problems. it is very reliable and super easy to use, comes with full direction to better understand charging outputs & needs as well.

Video Review can be seen here at this LINK:

~YES, you can charger a variety of different devices all at once, SAFELY while on the GO~

If you are interested in purchasing this product or would just like to learn more info, you can do it all here at this LINK:

~We never worry about charging needs now~

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