Amazon Great Deals, Facial Scrubber by AOMUU

“My Thoughts”

My Daughter & I love these Silicone Facial Scrubbers. This one by AOMUU comes in a dual package which is perfect for us, one for Mom & one for Daughter. This could the perfect option for you if you have a Teen or someone else that you live with.

There are a couple different things that I really Dig about this product, I will list them below for you. If these are options that you are looking for in a Facial Scrubber this quick list may help you decide.

  • Made with Food Grade Silicone
  • Safe & Non-toxic
  • Resist Bacteria
  • Suction cup makes for easy use
  • 3 different scrubbing surfaces best for all skin surfaces
  • Removes dead skin, blackheads, dirt, helps unclog pores, promotes circulation, stimulates & messages
  • Cleans delicate facial skin without stripping it or scratching skin surface
facial scrubber
~One for me & One for my Teen~

My skin care routine is typically every other day I use this on my face in the morning or at night depending on my schedule that day. I use this with my favorite facial scrub (what I am using currently) afterwards my skin is so soft and feels very clean BUT not stripped like some facial scrubbers can do. I do recommend this to anyone who is serious about facial skin care or is currently on a facial skin care routine. In my opinion this cleans and it cleans Good, Cleans Gently, super easy to use & maintain. Also Silicone products last a long time if cared for properly and they are Non-Toxic.

I recommend AOMUU for all your Facial Care Needs.

If you are interested in purchasing or just learning more info about the brand AOMUU, you can do it all here at this


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