Earphones Dual Dynamic Drivers Headphones In-Ear Earbuds with Metallic Mic & Volume Control by EXTRASTAR

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Excellent quality!! Oh yeah these do rock, yes please laugh at the pun.  I am impressed, the sound quality is perfectly great and the design and functions are just the same.



I have always wondered, which ear plug goes in which ear?  Well these are ear specific.  Meaning each ear phone is slightly angled, when placed in the ear this design directs the sound from the ear phone toward the ear canal resulting in better sound quality that is clear & pleasing.




I really like that these come with a velcro strap, which is secured on the wire so you do not have to worry about losing it. The velcro functions as a wire holder. Meaning when not in use you can roll these up, wrap the wire with the strap, then all nice and tidy for storage where ever you like such as a handbag, pocket, bra, backpack and so on.



As you can see in the pics provided these earphones have a trendy look, pwith the clear see thru wire covering letting you see the inner workings. Combining the red, silver and white these are eye catching and stylish.

If you happen to be a jogger, biker, workouts or just doing house work these have a toggle which can be secured under the chin to keep them in place (also includes 4 ct extra replacement ear bud covers).


I definitely feel like these are worth the price, seeing how these are a step above the typical head phones, offering more in style function and quality.


These are also available in a sleek black and gold design.


You can find them here at this link if you are interested in buying them or just having a look at their specifications.

~LINK~ https://amzn.to/2sIfNZl

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