Cozypony® Portable Selfie Stick Extendable Foldable All-in-One Bluetooth ~REVIEW~ 10/26/15

Usually when I take selfies, it is just a night mare of bad shots and a ton of editing. Going thru these shot afterwards deciding which ones to keep and the ones that are just trash is a huge time waster for me, I really could use those hours to be doing something else much more creative and useful.

I have never used a #selfiestick before trying this one by Cozypony, and to be honest I kind of held back a bit on making a purchase until all the consumer hype for these had calmed down a bit.

I do have to say until getting this and actually seeing how this functions I was not convinced that these were doing everything people were showing in their pics, and I did not comprehend how they could be doing this.

Now that I have tried this fabulous gadget #selfiestick I really do not want to ever not have this for taking pictures. Just the week before this arrived I took 90 pics just to write 1 article that I didn’t even use 10 of the pics for…so frustrating, not because I do not know how to take good pics, but getting certain angles with the handheld method can be a really difficult challenge. I am a perfectionist the shots have to be perfect or I am not going to upload them period, which causes delays in my work process.

YES indeed it was time for a change, and I will admit I am old school about a lot of things, which also explains my procrastination with obtaining a #selfiestick for picture taking.

I now am only taking a few shots per article or project that I am working on and editing, uploading and wasted time are a thing of the past for me now. I am very impressed with every function that this performs not to mention the incredibly great shots that I have been able to capture.

015 Cozypony product specifications are:

Extendable selfie stick monopod:
– Material: stainless steel
– Extending size: Approx. 82 cm
– Retracting size: Approx. 20 cm
– Maximum load: 500g

Adjustable phone holder:
– Extending size: Approx. 88 mm
– Retracting size: Approx. 53 mm
– Non-slip soft rubber handle
– Shooting Angle is 270°adjustable


No battery’s needed, re-chargeable USB included, very portable can go in handbag, backpack, even your pocket. Take this every where for those perfect photo ops, one button operation with incredible extension, pivot and angel capabilities that just can not be achieve with the handheld method solo. Also comes with a very generous 45 Day Money Back guarantee, and a 2 Years Hassle-free Warranty. System support- IOS 4.0 above for iPhone, – Android above 3.0 system.






I will insert a product purchase link here

I definitely recommend this #selfiestick By Cozypony, this gadget has turned my picture taking into fun instead of stress and dread.

Promotional discount purchase for a full and honest review of the product, all information I have shared here with you is strictly influenced by my experience testing/using the product.


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